• Add templates after a project is created
  • Export/Import materials
  • Export/Import layers
Terrain Creator
  • Combine photos from different cameras
Other Features
  • Export Cut/Fill labels
  • Add 2D Area label for stockpiles

Planimetric Survey
  • Move/Copy/Rotate drawing functionality
  • Edit Sides of a drawing
  • Draw rectangles with 'Diagonal First'
Also New
  • 4x faster Point Cloud conversion
  • Introducing Mini toolbars
  • Display the Center of Mass
  • Export Center of Mass coordinate with Cut/Fill Export
  • Improved icons

New Features
  • Right-click to edit a point, line, boundary, profile, or surface
  • Remove and add vertices when editing a surface
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for input modes
  • Set a project name
  • Addition of Project Settings
  • Install Virtual Surveyor in silent mode

New Features
  • 30% faster point cloud conversion
  • Display slopes in percentage or degrees
  • Choose default export folder behavior
  • Show imperial volume units in yd3 or ft3
  • Set Anchor and Azimuth for the Graticule Lens
  • Include active Terrain State in .csv volume export
  • Show volume annotations without decimals
  • Sharper interface on high-resolution screens

Terrain Creator
  • Additional vertical reference systems

Terrain Creator
  • Add Photos through .csv list
  • Improved workflow (4 steps)
  • Additional vertical reference systems
Virtual Surveyor
  • Elevation Lens: added threshold with minimum elevation
  • Display surfaces with thinner lines
  • Real-time Contour update when flipping TIN edges
  • Added Keyboard shortcut for Edit Vertex
  • Import points with the same name as multi-point items
Common Feature
  • Manually remove project file from the Recent List

  • Load Geotagged Drone Photos
  • Set Coordinate System
  • Set Vertical Reference
  • Mark Ground Control Points
  • Create Orthomosaic
  • Create Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Open Ortho and DSM in Virtual Surveyor
  • Add to existing Virtual Surveyor project
Ridge & Peak Subscription Plans Include
  • Virtual Surveyor desktop app
  • Terrain Creator desktop app

Coordinate Systems
  • Additional coordinate systems
  • Improved coordinate systems search
  • Support for coordinate system tag in csv files
  • Improved support for 2D offset grids
  • Support for Westing and Southing coordinate systems
Other Features
  • Include layers tag in csv export
  • Pin/Unpin multiple items
  • Support for greyscale orthomosaics
  • Improved profile sampling and export
  • Profile annotations

New Features
  • Auto-Flip edges in a surface
  • Manually flip edges on a surface
  • Search box for files and folders
  • Set favorite folder for Open Project
  • Show Stockpiles with and without Fill
  • Simplify Boundary / Polyline
  • Graticule Lens
Enhanced Features
  • Import multiple point cloud options simultaneously
  • Move Selection items to desired Layer
  • Turn Selection Off / On

New features
  • Export profile items to .dxf or .csv
  • Display active graphics card
  • Create boundary around section lines
  • Station points for section lines/profiles

Project View
  • Alphabetical sorting
  • Move selection to layer
  • Multi-selection
Selection Box
  • Select All
  • Select by Item type
New features
  • Annotate 2D Area
  • Panning with arrow keys

Profile View
  • Draw profiles
  • Convert polylines to profiles
  • 2D Profile view
  • Compare profiles over time
  • Section profiles
  • Profile screenshots
Other features
  • KML import & export
  • Highlight vertices upon snapping
Usability improvements
  • Toast notifications
Improved point cloud to DEM conversion
  • Convert point cloud colors to an orthophoto
  • Favor low or high points during DEM conversion
  • Define data coordinate system
Other features
  • Check Point report
  • Apply elevation offset
  • Generate viewport screenshots
  • Clip Inside/Outside for surfaces
Usability improvements
  • Primary/secondary application buttons
Main Features
  • Stockpile PDF reports
  • Material editor
  • Volume, tonnage and monetary value
  • Project templates
Other new features
  • Densify with low-pass option
  • Drag-and-drop data in view port
  • Highlight terrain modifiers
  • Optimize graphics setting
  • Language setting
New Features
  • Improved compass
  • XY annotation for points
Usability improvements
  • File navigation improvements
  • Breadcrumbs for file navigation
  • Make folder during file navigation
  • Browse button for New projects
New Features
  • Connect your Dropbox account
  • Access projects from any trusted device
  • Collaborate on Dropbox team accounts
  • Share projects externally
  • Control access rights
View-Only Mode
  • Avoid collaboration editing conflicts
  • Share projects while maintaining control
User Experience
  • Download progress when acessing online projects
  • File navigation through backstage menu
  • Move to Dropbox

New Features
  • Measurement style
  • Shortcut overview in Help tab
Feature enhancements
  • Improved low-pass algoritm
  • Improved LandXML import

New Features
  • Offset lines
  • Draw arcs
  • Import arcs
  • Draw circles
  • Draw rectangles
  • Vertex elevation interpolation
Usability Improvements
  • Input settings for editing
  • Toggle all Image terrains on/off
  • Snapping control through interface
Feature enhancements
  • Contour lens: dynamic contours
  • Additional coordinate systems
  • Import orthophotos from .ecw format
New Features
  • Contours lens: Set Major and Minor colors
  • Slope Directions lens: Set Arrow color
Performance Improvements
  • Terrain export speed
Plan renaming
  • Mountain is now called Ridge
Improved project view
  • Drag-and-drop items between layers
  • Right-click context menu
Context menu functionality
  • Rename and remumber items
  • Rename a layer
  • Add a layer
  • Delete empty layers
  • Set active layer
  • Copy/Cut/Paste items
Extended Valley Features
  • Draw points, lines and boundaries
  • Mosaic tools
  • Export survey
  • Export ortho
New Features
  • Remove Objects
  • Cut/Fill Spotheights
  • Extract Cut/Fill Area
  • Hide Empty Layers
New Features
  • Slope steepness threshold
  • 2D view mode
  • Multi-vertex editing
  • Convert polylines to boundary
  • Min/Max setting for elevation lens
  • Improved Valley interface
  • Help tab
New Features
  • Water item
  • Extract level
  • Remove triangles from surfaces
  • Clip surfaces
  • Terrain export to .jp2
  • Annotation styling
User Experience
  • Easier surface styling
  • Reworked Export Tab
  • Rectangle Selection
And also
  • Support for the new Australian Coordinate System
  • Faster Terrain Export

New Features
  • Cut/Fill Maps
  • Volume Difference Calculations
  • Terrain States
  • Clean Terrain of "Nearly-Free" Surface Objects
  • Height Difference Tooltip
  • Calculate Center of Mass
  • Keyboard Navigation
And also
  • Multipoint Item
  • Updated Ribbon
New Features
  • Selection of Point Cloud Classes
  • Merge Overlapping Point Clouds
  • Improved Messages on Licensing
New Features
  • Hillshade Lens
  • Contours Lens (Improved Contours)
  • Transparency Lens
  • Combine Terrain Lenses
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Items
  • Split Lines
  • Adjustable Projectview
  • Improved Q-Points Algorithm
Performance Improvements
  • Faster Application Startup
  • Smoother Navigation for Projects with Large Surfaces
Terrain Tools
  • Clip Terrains with a Boundary
  • Create Mosaics from Multiple Terrains
  • Export Clipped & Mosaicked Terrains
  • Renumber Piles & Other Items
  • Renumber Number Series
Export Volumes
  • Export Volumes to a Shapefile
  • Export Volume Annotations to dxf
  • Export Volumes as Boundaries
And also...
  • Create Fly throughs
  • Create Convex and Concave Hulls
  • Extract Points from Lines, Boundaries & Surface
  • Select Within a Boundary
  • Display Surfaces as Triangles, Contour or a Boundary

New Features
  • New Project Experience
  • Drag & Drop Data in the Projectview
  • Set Project Coordinate System
  • Start Projects from CAD, GIS or CSV files
  • Convert Point Clouds to a DSM
  • Section Lines
  • Improved Densify Methods
  • Terrain Transparency
  • Control Image NoData
Performance Improvements
  • Faster Terrain Creations
  • Faster Calculations in Projects with Terrain Modifications
New Features
  • Undo/Redo
  • Eraser Tool
  • Point Descriptors
  • Improved CAD Import/Export
  • 3D & Line Snapping
  • Constrained Editing
  • XYZ Vertex Editing
  • Densify Lines
  • Merge Lines
  • Push 3D Geometries to Terrain
  • Clean Terrain
  • Export to LandXML
Performance Improvements
  • Improved Stability
  • Large Project Support