Virtual Surveyor 5 Series
Version 5.1

New Features
  • Japanese version
Performance Improvements
  • Faster volume calculations with complex surfaces
Version 5.0

New Features
  • Q-Points
  • Low Pass Points
  • Export Terrain to GeoTIFF
  • Local / Non-Earth projection systems
Performance Improvements
  • Faster terrain creation
  • Faster volume calculations
  • Faster gridding
  • Faster triangulation
  • Faster import of existing surveys and surfaces
Virtual Surveyor 3 Series
Version 3.6

New Features
  • Import csv & txt files as survey point objects
  • Import dxf & shp files as survey point, line or polygon objects
  • Import dxf & shp files as TIN objects
  • Use TIN objects as a reference for volume calculations
  • Modify terrains with a TIN object
Version 3.5.2

Algorithm Improvements
  • Works better on less sharp edges
  • Works better for multiple breaklines close to each other

7 April 2017
Version 3.5

New Features
  • Exportable Contours
  • 3D Surface Area calculation
Version 3.4

Terrain Color Map
  • Terrain color schema adjusts to terrain elevation range
  • Selection of color schema through the ribbon
  • Improved CSV Export
Version 3.3.7

Measurement Tools
  • Full support for imperial units
  • Measurements are saved
  • Height measurement has a leader line to the measured objects
  • New slope measurement tool
  • Measurement information box
Additional languages
  • Available in Spanish
  • Available in Turkish
  • Available in French
Version 3.3.5

New Features
  • Flat Minimum reference level
  • Improved Draped Polygon Algorithm

22 December 2016
Version 3.3.3

  • Reprojection of data in geographic projection systems during TerrainCreator process
  • Extension of large terrain conversion capability. The largest project - that we know of - counted 140GB

5 December 2016
Version 3.3.1

Localized support
  • Multilanguage architecture
  • Available in English
  • Available in Simplified Chinese
  • Update of projection systems library
Version 3.2

New Features
  • Snapping
  • Calculate Volumes with Breaklines
  • Modify Terrains with Draped Polygons
  • Modify Terrains with Triangulations
  • Line of Sight Analysis
  • Underground Navigation
  • Improved Survey Object Atttributes
  • Improved Status Bar

Version 3.1

New Features
  • Guided Breakline Drawing
  • My Virtual Surveyor self-service portal
  • Improved Drawing
  • Better Layer Control on Export
  • Additional Cloud Hubs

Version 3.0

New Interface
  • Improved experience with new Virtual Surveyor fluent Ribbon Interface
  • Modern backstage view controls with Recent Lists and Directories
  • Virtual Surveyor Project File (*.vsp)
  • Update Notification and Updating through the desktop App
New Features
  • Object selection in viewport
  • Preview line upon drawing
  • Slope and terrain maps shortcuts right next to the drawing control
  • Easier control of survey object symbology & naming
  • Triangulation of survey point, lines and polyons
  • Annotations are controlled per layer
  • Name annotations for polylines and polygons
  • Improved editing for vertices
  • Improved object shift
  • Object duplication
  • Area delete
  • Save home position
  • Active state of your project is saved
  • Offset terrain tool
  • Export of volume information
  • Preservation of symbology on export to CAD
  • Export of point coordinates to a text format
  • Terrains in Cloud
Subscription & Improved Licensing
  • Avialable as a software subscripton with 5 plans and easy scalability (pay-as-you-go)
  • Automated cloud licensing
  • Easy transfer of the user license code to another computer


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