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Open Positions

Product Specialist

Position in the Belgian office and your home office. You will be a core component of our customer’s success. You guide customers through all aspects of Virtual Surveyor’s software building on your excellent knowledge of surveying, drones, and geospatial practices. You have a few years of work experience, are an abstract thinker and have a scale-up mindset.

An Exciting Journey

Drones are changing the landscape in many business areas and also in land surveying. Drone surveying can decrease production times with a factor 4 if done correctly. However, drones deliver an entirely different kind of data. That makes many drone surveyors struggle to provide CAD or GIS compatible data to their customers.

This is where Virtual Surveyor comes in. Virtual Surveyor bridges that gap.

We achieve this goal by applying terrestrial surveying processes in a virtual environment. We support the human interpretation power by computer speed and gaming technology. The surveyor still decides what objects to capture and keeps control over the entire survey process until the very end by using Virtual Surveyor. 

Because we aim for successful long-term customer relationships, we emphasize a lot on smooth interactions between our customers, our staff and systems. 

We have a truly global focus. Virtual Surveyor is available in 8 languages. We built a customer base of thousands of users spread over 80 countries since our launch in 2015. We serve our customers from our offices in the European Union and the United States and our partner network.

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