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Drones are changing the landscape in many business areas and also in land surveying. However, drones deliver an entirely different kind of data. That makes many drone surveyors struggle to provide CAD or GIS compatible data to their customers. Virtual Surveyor bridges that gap.

We achieve this by going back to basics and applying traditional surveying processes in a virtual environment. We support the human interpretation power by computer speed and gaming technology. The surveyor still decides what objects to capture and keeps control over the entire survey process until the very end of his workflow. 

Because we aim for successful long-term customer relationships, we emphasize a lot on smooth interactions between our customers, our staff and systems. 

We have a truly global focus. Virtual Surveyor is available in 8 languages. We built a customer base of thousands of users spread over 80 countries since our launch in 2015. We serve our customers from our offices in the European Union and the United States and our partner network.

Making a difference in an innovative and no-stress workplace


A focus of ours is to maintain a horizontal and vertical connection. Vertical is what connects us as professionals working together on a product and for our customers. Horizontal is what connects us as human beings.

We value personal leadership a lot. Take control of what you do in the company but also what you do in your own life. Make sure your values align with the values of the company.

We value teamwork a lot. We value good relationships between people a lot. But we also value a critical attitude a lot. These don’t always get along. We understand that people usually have good intentions but are not always understood by others. That’s why we bring our people a basis of psychology. We are all different. We have different drivers and natural behaviors. We teach you behavior types, how to recognize them, and how to act with them in a team context.

Tom Op 't Eyndt

I enjoyed working here from the very first moment!


We currently don't have any open positions available.

Our team is not very large. But you don't need a large team when you are smart and efficient. We let computers and systems accomplish a lot and focus on those parts of the job where we as humans can make a creative or social difference. Join our team!
We are a profitable and cashflow positive company and have been for a couple of years now. We are proud not to be venture capital funded and that is an exception as a tech business. We created a unique strategy for a market that is in evolution and not in disruption. We grow based on our own strength at a rate of 40% per year. Grow with us!
We believe in good pay for good work. Again, we let computers do a lot of the work. Because we are so efficient and scalable, we can pay well. Heck, we even share some of our profits. But find out and apply for one of our vacancies!
Essentially, you can work where you want and plan your own day as long as you can fulfill your responsibilities. We want you to be in the office for at least a day a week to maintain the social connection with your colleagues. This also helps to foster creativity, because at the end of the day we are a creative company.
So you did click it. Good! You are curious and don't always do what other people tell you to do. That is what you need if you want to work with us.