How does it work?

At Virtual Surveyor we are looking out for excited partners to help us change the way land surveying is done throughout the world. 

Combine your product or service with Virtual Surveyor and deliver a total drone surveying workflow to the new age of drone surveyors.

In this model you give the end user access to the software by assigning him to your own subscription. Your orders with us are automated and reseller discounts are applied immediately. The access is available instantly but you manage it for the end user. In this way you have more control over the end user.
Quarry Surface

The complete workflow solution





The Drone Operator flies with a drone and acquires a set of pictures of the project site.




The Photogrammetrist creates an orthophoto and elevation model from the pictures.


Virtual Surveying


The Surveyor create a line survey, triangulation or contours in Virtual Surveyor.


Civil Design


The Civil Designer uses the survey outputs to create a civil design in a CAD design software.


Are you eager to complete your value proposition by combining Virtual Surveyors broad tool set with your existing offering(s)? We like to welcome you on-board!  Contact any of our agents via chat in the lower right corner.

Note: Virtual Surveyor can be purchased directly online. The only way to be successful as a reseller is by offering Virtual Surveyor as part of your complete solution or service.