Speed up your production process

Accelerate your survey workflows with the productivity tools in Virtual Surveyor. The software produces the bulk of the output. You only need to review, remove and add some points or breaklines to complete the job.

Guided Breakline Drawing

Breaklines describe changes in slope and are very important when creating an accurate surface. Draw the first segment of your breakline to give direction and let Virtual Surveyor do the rest of the job for you. Watch how it's done!


Q-Points are the most important points to describe your topography. The Q-Points algorithm extracts these points in minutes. You only need to review and make a few edits before to make your final surface. Watch how it's done! & Q-Points Tips & Tricks

Ease of use and time savings are simply amazing

Mark Paulson, RPLS, Vertical Aspect

Low Pass Points

The Low Pass filter is an ideal tool for extracting ground points in closed landscapes like forested or urban areas. The algorithm does the bulk of the work and you provide the final edit. Watch how it's done!